DUET farm & studio
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Shares are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  If you have any questions regarding the farm, Community Supported Agriculture, available shares or the waiting list for 2018, please CONTACT US today; thank you.


The FULL PRODUCE SHARE is offered at $350 for the season and includes five to ten types of vegetables weekly.  By late July, this amounts to a 1/2 bushel of produce per share per week and is more than suitable for a couple or young family.  Vegetarians or large families would enjoy two shares.  As a shareholder, you will receive sixteen weeks of fresh produce throughout the summer growing season beginning throughout the final weeks of June.  Items vary week to week and may include spinach, lettuces, radish, green onions, kale, chard, peas, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, beans, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, corn, beets, peppers, eggplant, onions, potatoes, sunflowers and more...  Storage tips and uses are made available online each week to all produce shareholders through an emailed newsletter.  You can also like us on facebook to learn about farm events and recipe ideas.  Pick-up for all shares is at the farm any time after 1pm on either Tuesdays or Fridays.  The final harvest and baskets of the season include parsnip, turnip, Brussels sprouts, winter squashes and more and are provided on the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend with an Open House at the farm for all members, their family and friends. 



The HALF PRODUCE SHARE provides members with vegetables every other week throughout the growing season through to Thanksgiving - eight baskets in total.  This is an ideal option for those with limited time or for those new to CSA and the cycle of seasonal bounty available from the garden.  Available for $225, it provides the same variety of vegetables as the Full Produce Share and begins during the first week of July.



The DAY TRIPPER PRODUCE SHARE gives you the opportunity to plan for three 'vacation' dates throughout the season.  Perfect for shareholders who are unable to arrange for friends or family to pick up the basket while away, the share is $315.00 for thirteen out of sixteen weeks from late June through Thanksgiving. 



For the fourth season, the FULL PRODUCE WORK SHARE is being made available once again for those who would like to participate in the weekly workings of the farm.  Your $150.00 payment and commitment to pay the remaining portion of your produce share in volunteer labour will provide you with sixteen weeks of vegetables.  You will be required to work for two and a half hours per week on your pick-up day (Tuesday or Friday) from 10:30am to 1pm and be available from the last week of June through the week before Thanksgiving.  The work can be physically challenging and repetitive, however, you will be greatly rewarded with fresh air, fresh ideals and fresh food.  Come grow with us..!



Investing in an EGG SHARE guarantees your chosen amount weekly throughout the sixteen week season with a savings in price.  You may choose a full dozen every other week for $40.00, a 1/2 dozen eggs each week for $40.00, or a full dozen each week for $70.00 for 16 weeks.



You may be interested in our sixteen week MEAT SHARE for $495 which includes 8 whole frozen chickens (1 chicken every other week), 40 lbs of frozen, butcher-wrapped beef (2 - 3lbs every week including steaks, roasts and ground beef), and 1 whole turkey (fresh for Thanksgiving or frozen for Christmas - avg. weight 20lbs).  This share will help save your freezer space while assisting you in planning your summer menus.



We offer FREEZER LAMB in the fall with your commitment of a deposit of $175.00 made during the spring.  You will receive 40 - 60lbs of packaged cuts at one low price of $7/lb – approximately $300 - $400 total investment.  Cuts may include one crown roast, leg roasts, stew, mince, chops and more.  Note that an individual cut sheet for custom-butchering will be provided to you upon enrollment to ensure your preferences are met.



Our feeder pigs arrive to the farm as weaned piglets with the whole summer ahead of them.  Our experience thus far has been enjoyable and rewarding and we continue to enlargen their stomping grounds as they give us so much in return.   FREEZER PORK is available with your spring commitment made by a deposit of $200 to $300 based on your final purchase of half or whole pork in the fall.  Approximately 100 to 200lbs of packaged cuts at $5/lb may include hams, pea meal roasts, bacon, ribs, sausage, mince and chops – approximately $300 total purchase for half or $600 for whole.  Note that an individual cut sheet for custom-butchering will be provided to you upon enrollment to ensure your preferences are met. 



Interested in a challenge?  Stay fresh, devour seasonal and go local by taking on a SIMCOEVORE SHARE.  There are only a limited number of spaces available for this twenty-week commitment which, at $800, includes all of the following:

4 baskets of spring produce including asparagus, rhubarb, wild leeks and early greens

16 regular baskets of produce for the remainder of the season

weekly bouquet of flowers

2 jars local maple syrup

2 jars local honey

20 dozen eggs

10 whole frozen chickens

1 fresh turkey for Thanksgiving or frozen for Christmas

(sorry, no substitutions)



Loved by the bees and admired by all, a variety of annuals and perennials will be provided to you throughout the season with the purchase of a FLOWER SHARE.  Enjoy 16 weeks of colour and beauty with well known and some not so well known shoots and stems.